Radio IES Alta Axarquía

Climate change: Our interview is about climate change, its consequences and effects, we asked several people to see how they thought about the subject and how they thought it was going to change the world in a short time.

Planet We love you green: In this interview, the students Valentin, David, Javier and Liu talk about how the environment is and how to protect it.

Environment curiosities: In this interview we are going to speak about some curiosities and interesting things of the natural environment.

The world is exhausted: This audio talks about the pollution in the world, this is wrong since the only thing that we will pursue is to destroy the earth.

The youth and climate change: In this audio, two students named Paula and Ainhoa are being interviewed by María and Daria to get to know their opinions on climate change and what they do to help.

4º ESO B

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